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Cherry Creek Schools 3a and b

Cherry Creek School District has a tradition of academic excellence because of steadfast taxpayer support for more than 50 years.

The district has delivered a strong return on that investment by preparing our students for post secondary success, keeping our communities strong and protecting our property values.

Together, 3A and 3B will cost the average homeowner approximately $8 a month.

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Aagje Barber, Chair and Bill Fisher, Treasurer

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Thank YOU! 3A & 3 B passed because of you.


 3A will provide $25 million in operating funds that will:

  • Maintain class size
  • Provide curriculum and instruction necessary for success in college and the workplace
  • Continue the district's commitment to academic excellence
  • Ensure technology and instruction for student success in the 21st century

3B will provide $125 million for long-term capital costs:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) focused classrooms
  • Renovations throughout the district and additions to Cherokee Trail High School and
    Grandview High School to accommodate growth
  • Essential technology, including Smartboards and updated computers
  • Upgraded safety and security systems for all schools


See the entire Five-Year Facility Plan

Individual School Projects

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"We are supportive of (3A &3B) because education is one of the most important investments we can make in our communities. Good schools not only produce an educated workforce, but they also improve property values and make Colorado more attractive to new businesses and residents. . . Cherry Creek's management history with its bonds is exemplary." ~ Denver Post, Oct. 26, 2012


"For those who ask why should they vote “YES” for 3A & B since they no longer have children in the district, the answer is that an excellent school system keeps the local neighborhood strong and is an important factor in keeping property values high. They should remember that the average price in the year 2000 for a home in the Cherry Creek School District was $204,000 and now has risen to about $305,000 – school district taxes on that same home over the same period have increased approximately $144."  ~ Mort Marks, Columnist, The Villager


"The way forward is clear. Vote yes on Cherry Creek issues 3A and 3B,"  ~ Aurora Sentinel, Oct. 4, 2012

"The strength of any community is deeply intertwined  with the success of its businesses. Strong vibrant schools, good home values, and high quality of life are instrumental in attracting and retaining quality business. We are all better off because of the Cherry Creek School District's dedication to excellence." ~ John Brackney, President and CEO of the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce

"Good schools mean good business. It's one of the first questions that is asked when businesses decide to relocate: How good are the schools?" ~ Kevin Hougen, President and CEO, The Aurora Chamber

Examples of Excellence!
  • 95% of our schools (all but three) are in the highest state accreditation category. None of our schools are in the lowest two categories.
  • Cherry Creek schools consistently perform well above the state average on TCAP, the Transitional Colorado Assessment Program.
  • Cherry Creek high schools perform well above state and national averages on the ACT.
  • 14 Cherry Creek schools were recipients of the 2011 John Irwin Award, given to schools that demonstrate outstanding academic achievement.
  • 14 Cherry Creek schools (six more than last year) were recipients of the 2011 Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award, given to schools that demonstrate exceptional academic growth.
  • The graduation rate in CCSD is consistently 10% higher than the state average graduation rate.
  • CCSD graduates earned more than $120 million in college scholarships in the last four years.
  • From 2006-07 to 2010-11 (the most recent data available), the CCSD dropout rate has decreased from 2.9% to 1.7%.


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